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Capitalizing On Key Network Resources...

In today's economy, which supports a seller's market more than ever, access to trusted insurance relationships are paramount for buyers to successfully source and acquire insurance agencies looking to sell. A large amount of time, resources, and human capital are often needed in order to simply identify, prequalify, connect with, and facilitate an acquisition discussion.

This Is Where GT Staffing Comes Into Play...

By having strategic relationships with many insurance agencies (national, regional, & local) along with a substantial network of industry professionals, GT Staffing has the wherewithal to instantly connect and facilitate M&A discussions between interested parties. With thousands of insurance relationships previously established from a recruiting perspective, partners of our firm are approached with buy-sell interest daily. As a result, GT Staffing has formed a Mergers & Acquisitions Division in order to create a more efficient, transparent and resourceful platform for M&A facilitation within the insurance industry.

Selling An Agency - Considerations

  • Network Resources: Where can I access quality pools of buyers interested in purchasing my agency? 
  • Time Management: How do I balance managing the day-to-day operations in my current role while simultaneously committing the necessary amount of time, resources, and human capital to find appropriate buyers?
  • Market Value: How do I determine the real market value of my agency? What have other similarly comprised agencies sold for?
  • Protecting Confidentiality: How do I protect the interest in selling my agency from a confidentiality breach in order to preserve client relations and employee morale?
  • Maximize Efficiency: How can I expedite the process of finding, connecting, and negotiating with quality buyers in order to best optimize ROI for agency owners while screening out purely inquisitive, unqualified, or dishonest individuals?
  • Due Diligence: Have I properly allocated enough time to fully understand and review all facets for a pending sale such as agency valuations, accurate financial reporting, payment terms, and buyout performance metrics?

Acquisition - GT Staffing Advantages

  • Intermediary Services:
    • Expedite Search Through Previously Vetted Buyer-Seller Network
    • Centralize All Transactional Agency Documentation Needed 
    • Facilitate Buyout Terms
    • Negotiate Performance Kickers
    • Financial Lending Assistance
    • Transition Periods & Non-competes
  • Outperform Competition: 
    • Local & Regional Agency Owners
    • National Brokerage M&A Teams
    • Private Equity Groups

Mergers & Acquisition Inquiries

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